Roses from the Garden

Where did it all begin? Well, we will give this special information for those who are going to send flowers only. :)These wonderful roses called Noisettes? Maybe you recall, it all started on a plantation in South Carolina near Charleston. Blush Noisette was not the first one. It was however, a seedling of the first one – Champney’s Pink Cluster. Blush Noisette was introduced in 1817 and has been gracing gardens in mild climates ever since.

Yes, our climate is ideal for this wonderful rose and if you do not already grow it, what a divine addition it will make. Perhaps you have been searching for a rose that doesn’t require constant care and coddling. Blush Noisette was thriving in gardens long before spray schedules and insecticides were even thought of. This rose gives a lot and asks for very little in return.

Requirements for her care are few. She is one of the smaller Noisettes and makes a lovely freestanding shrub. She can tolerate light shade but loves the sun. Water and fertilizer and a covering of mulch also make her happy. If you are trying to grow roses organically, this is the one for you.

What are your rewards if you give her a home? Count on lots of lilac-pink roses in clusters. The blooms are produced throughout the season and late into the fall. The foliage is dark green and the flowers are fragrant. The growth habit is full and graceful.

Of course she is lovely in an arrangement. The clusters of flowers are borne on long stems and add interest and height to a mixed arrangement. Utterly at home in a bouquet of perennials and annuals with fragrant herbs mixed in, she will dazzle you with her beauty.

Blush Noisette would be happy in a border of perennials or placed as a specimen in the yard. Find a place for her and revel in her beauty and charm as generations before have done. Live the dream.