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Last November, Frances Ballentine and John Godwin gave a wonderful talk about the many types of roses that grow well in the Lowcountry. Frances, as usual, brought lots of extra information to share, including a handout on dry wrapping roses. She explained dry wrapping is one way exhibitors preserve and transport roses all over the […]

A friend told me last week that she gives her cut flowers a shot of vodka every now and then. She said it really pepped up the blooms. I just smiled and assumed she had been sampling her plant food. But one unavoidable fact kept nagging at me. She has the freshest looking flowers of […]

Ever Hear of Dry Wrapping Roses?

Posted on 21 Jan 2020 In: Rose Arrangements

Dry wrapping will allow you to “save” your roses for several weeks instead of having them die in a few days. The following is a simplified way of doing it. Step l: Cut the roses for drywrapping when they are just starting to open.