This summary presents the best of the newly introduced varieties. Reprinted from the January/February issue of The Charleston Rose.
Louise Estes, HT-254 reports, 8.0 Garden Rating, 8.4, Exhibition. Can be slow to establish, but then gives beautiful large blooms on long stems. Not every bloom is a queen, but many are. May be a little slow to repeat, but it is a winner.

Moonstone, HT-93 reports, 8.2 Garden Rating, 8.5, Exhibition. Formerly known as Cadillac de Ville, this is the best truly new rose in the survey. Large blooms with spiral centers, soft color, lots of petals, and good substance. Plenty of blooms that hold well on a vigorous plant. What more could we want?

Natasha Monet, HT-52 reports, 7.6 Garden Rating, 8.0, Exhibition. Plenty of blooms with show form once it is established. Pale mauve color with pink tint, but washes out in warm weather.

St. Patrick, KT–492 reports, 8.0 Garden Rating, 8.0 Exhibition. This one loves hot weather. Big blooms with great color that hold for a week or more in the summer. Plant is winter tender and slow to get started in the spring. May be the best yellow.

Fame, Gr- 134 reports, 8.1 Garden Rating, 7.5 Exhibition. Plenty of bright, ruffled blooms that hold and come in singles and sprays. A great garden rose. A good AARS selection.

Livin’ Easy, Fl,-126 reports, 8.2 Garden Rating, 7.3, Exhibition. Hardy, disease resistant plant gives plenty of bright blooms. Opens too quickly and form too loose to exhibit.

Tabris, FL–66 reports, 8.2 Garden Rating, 8.0 Exhibition. Nice sprays of white blooms with pink edges. Tall, vigorous plant. The confusion with Nicole and Hannah Gordon continues, and some are clearly describing a different cultivar.

Incognito, Min-242 reports, 8.0 Garden Rating, 8.1 Exhibition. The unique color blend is growing on our reporters. Excellent show form, although it opens quickly. Tall, strong plant gives plenty of blooms and sprays. Color holds well.

Miss Flippins, Min-244 reports, 8.1 Garden Rating, 8.4 Exhibition. Bright medium red blooms; solid show form. Opens quickly, but cut early and refrigerated, is a winner. Tall plant, long stems. Protect from mildew and winter.

Sweet Revenge, Min-53 reports, 8.1 Garden Rating, 8.2 Exhibition. In the Southeast and California it has show form blooms with great color on long stems. Elsewhere the form is not as good.

Altissimo, Cl-207 reports, 8.5 Garden, 8.6 Exhibition. Single, clear red blooms with velvety petals that hold. Grows like a pillar and blooms on ends of canes. Satisfactory amount of bloom, but not lavish like some climbers.